Derek O'Connor

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Derek O’Connor

Born in Warwickshire, England in 1957, Derek O’Connor moved to Adelaide in 1969, and today lives and works in Canberra.

Watters Gallery, Sydney and Nancy Server Gallry in Canberra represent Derek. He has held solo exhibitions at Watters, Canberra Contemporary Art Space (CCAS), Karen Woodbury, Legge Gallery, Sydney and at Helen Maxwell Gallery, Canberra. His most recent exhibition When He’s at Home He’s a Tourist was shown at CCAS in December 2017. Other recent solo exhibition include Hundstag, Watters Gallery (2016), Pink, Watters Gallery (2014) Lost in a Kiss Commissioned Installation, (2009 & 2010) Allens Arthur Robinson, Deutsche Bank Building, Sydney While you were art, new prints Helen Maxwell Gallery, Canberra, Paintings Karen Woodbury Gallery and Derek O’Connor: 10 Year selection curated by Mark Van Veen, Canberra Museum and Gallery (2007).